Moving house is not very fun - it’s exhausting and stressful, especially when you’re like me and forget where you set down a tool immediately after setting it down, and then spending and eternity looking for it in all the wrong places while slowly getting angrier. Moving is also a lot more stressful for your cat (if you have one) - I got away with some deep scratches, he got a nice trauma. (But he got accustomed to the new place very quickly and struts about as if he were the owner of the building.)

In our new home, the ISP uses fibre optic cable, which sounds great for bandwidth availability. Setup for the new home internet delivery system (in reference to Alan Moore’s Jerusalem, it is called “Ultraduct” here) went smoothly, but when it then came to forwarding all the ports for the Docker services on my Disk Station - nothing worked. The Fritz!Box the ISP provided showed one Public IP, and showed another. A phone call later I learned that the ISP doesn’t provide a real Public IP - my Public IP is basically theirs, and what I see on my router is an internal “public” IP. So no services with external access - kinda annoying. But not to worry. I had tinkered around with other stuff, just to learn how it works. I got myself a registered domain from (because I hear about it ALL THE TIME in the great CodeNewbie podcast) and a free hosting plan from Both of them do the trick of getting a publicly available website - but SSL costs extra, and I wanted free as in beer, just for testing. Blah blah, what I now did - because of course I could continue using Ghost just in my internal web, but what fun is that. I decided that until I maybe decide for an actual hosting plan or find that I blog SO MUCH to get a dedicated Ghost droplet from DigitalOcean or something - I make it easy for myself and go Digital Press.

And so here we are: I learned a ton, am a bit annoyed that I can’t stream my music outside of my home, but all of this just showed me one thing: that spark , that incredbile amount of joy I feel when I screw around with all of this - domains, name servers, ftp this and that, just to see a sad, flat webpage publicly available, and one that I just spend five minutes writing - and then to write about it to no one in particular, just because I feel I have something to say, BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FUN - that is just awesome and amazing.