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I'm the Developer Now

Or: how we finished bootcamp with a React social media platform So, this is it! Bootcamp over, certification in the mail - you are now a full-stack web developer. And to be honest - that is really, really cool. I think most of us who have built their last projects are happy that the 24 weeks are over - it took a lot of time and effort from us that we spent coding and studying and worrying about coding and studying - it is nice to do something else for a change in our freetime other than that....

July 1, 2023 · 7 min · 1379 words · jmchor

The Ironhack Experience

And so it begins - after waiting for almost six months, anticipation, and yes, in the last week or so - stress (almost), Day 1 of my Web Development Bootcamp experience is drawing closer. On November 29th I will sit in the “remote campus” (aka my home in front of my screens) and will receive my first ever face-to-face (Screen-to-screen?) lesson on web development. So far in my learning-how-to-code-career it went from reading books to reading other books to reading StackOverflow to Google to Udemy (a bit) to CS50 (for 20 minutes) to listening to podcasts to video tutorials (mostly by Wes Bos) - to here....

June 29, 2023 · 42 min · 8817 words · jmchor

970 more to go

I remember the first time I ever heard about Wes Bos - I was probably putting our kid down for a midday nap, and in order not to be anxious to get out of there, I put in a podcast. I was fairly new to podcasts, but I had found one that was called CodeNewbie, and that seemed to really scratch an itch I had, namely: I don’t know anybody who either is a coder, works in programming or has any knowledge about it (other than a colleague who I couldn’t talk to because of work hours)....

November 29, 2022 · 8 min · 1690 words · jmchor